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Life Assurance.

Life insurance covers your loved ones for the unexpected, if the worst-case scenario were to happen. As we grow older, we come to realise the importance of life insurance and the protection it offers us. Lord Clarke can tailor a bespoke plan specifically for you at incredibly competitive prices, so you’ll find comfort in knowing in the event of passing your loved ones are financially secure.


Reasons why you should always have Life Insurance.

Protect Loved Ones


Peace of Mind

Pay off Debts

So, what type of Life cover should you get?

There are many questions to ask yourself before taking out cover including how much? How long should the policy be for? How much can I afford?

Amount Of Cover

When considering how much life cover you require, first consider what financial protection your family may need if you were not there tomorrow. For example, if you have 10 years left on your mortgage you would want your policy to cover this shortfall if the unexpected happened. You may also want to build further financial support into your calculations to cover other budgetary constraints.

Length of Policy

How long your policy runs for will be determined by what you wish it to cover. It will often mirror financial stability being increased and liabilities being reduced. Another consideration is how old you are. Typically, the younger you are the cheaper the policy will be for obvious reasons. The minimum age for taking out a policy is 18 years of age.


The younger you are, typically the more affordable the life insurance premiums are. Delaying taking out a policy may increase your monthly premiums making it more expensive in the future. How much you pay depends on your age and your health and how much you can afford each month. Whilst you may delay taking out a plan it can often work out more expensive in the long run.


You need to consider when taking out a life insurance policy who the beneficiaries will be. The policy is designed to make sure your family and loved ones are financially taken care of after your death. Planning ahead and ensuring your partner or children are financially taken care of will give you ultimate peace of mind and give them financial independence long after you’ve passed.

Helping to protect you and the ones you love.

Life and/or Critical Illness Insurance

Lord Clarke specialises in providing you with expert and professional Critical Illness planning advice that you can trust. Critical illness is designed to help you if you suffer a serious illness or have an accident and is designed to ease the financial stress at such a traumatic time. Policies are designed to pay a lump sum and/or income.

Whole Of Life Assurance

Lord Clarke can offer Whole of Life Assurance Policies which guarantee your family get a financial payout if you sadly passed away. These types of policies give you ultimate peace of mind and only end when you die. These are different to life insurance policies which are for a guaranteed length of time.

Permanent Health Insurance / Income Protection

We can offer a number of solutions with regards Permanent Health Insurance cover. This type of policy gives you income protection should you be unable to work for a long period of time due to illness and injury. Explore the various options available.

Business Protection

We provide a high level of expertise on all types of Protection policies. Lord Clarke searches the marketplace for the right plan for you to ensure you and your business are fully protected. This incorporates Keyman and Shareholder protection policies.

***This investment may fall as well as rise, you may not get back what you put in.***

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